TEA TREE piercing products
Tea Tree Oil is used around the
world for piercing aftercare. It is
antibacterial, promotes faster
healing and prevents many
adverse healing issues common
to piercings.

Mudscupper's Brand
Piercing & Tattoo Aftercare
individuals allergic to tea
tree oil or need a stronger

remedy for adverse healing
East Cape Manuka
oil is 30x stronger than tea
tree oil.

BODY MOD piercing products

Tea Tree & East Cape Manuka
oils are combined to provide
MAXIMUM piercing care for
the most stubborn piercing

Our Guarantee


Only ingredients of the highest
quality from around the world go
into our products.


To keep our products fresh
and potent, they are made in
small batches.

All Natural Ingredients

No harmful chemicals, no
artificial colors, no fillers or

3 Product Lines for Different Skin Types

TEA TREE Piercing Aftercare, Mudscupper's Brand Piercing & Tattoo Aftercare and Body Mod Piercing Aftercare Products. Our products promote faster healing and help prevent many of the adverse issues associated with piercings: slow healing, discoloration, swelling, irritation and piercing bumps; often referred to as hypertrophic scars, topical cyst and keloids.

STRONG - Tea Tree Piercing Products are made with a very specific tea tree oil from Australia. This amazing oil is used in high-end products for its extraordinary anti-bacterial properties, ability to treat numerous skin conditions and promoting faster healing. This is ideal for all piercing and Body Modifications. For individuals that tend to heal with few or no issues, but want a superior first aid for their piercings... just in case.

STRONGER - Mudscupper's Brand Piercing & Tattoo Products are 30x more potent than tea tree oil. Designed for individuals that can't use tea tree oil or need a stronger product for their piercing and body modifications. East Cape Manuka oil is highly effective at preventing many adverse healing issues, to include: Staph & MRSA. East Cape Manuka oil from New Zealand is the most potent (higher Triketone count) of ordinary Manuka oil.

STRONGEST - Body Mod Piercing Products are for individuals that are not allergic to Tea Tree oil and have very stubborn piercing issues. When East Cape Manuka and Tea Tree oils are combined, their over-all effectiveness in treating skin conditions and preventing adverse healing issues is significantly enhanced. More so, than just the sum of combining the two oils. Body Mod products are designed to help with the most troublesome piercing problems.

*East Cape Manuka Oil vs. Tea Tree Oil
Tea Tree oil is used worldwide for its healing properties and treating numerous skin conditions. The most potent of the species is found in Australia. It protects against a broader spectrum of bacteria, viruses and fungi that are at the root of many adverse healing issues. East Cape Manuka oil is a great substitute for individuals that can't use tea tree oil, or need a much stronger remedy for adverse healing issues. It covers a narrower spectrum than does tea tree oil, however it is over 30 times more effective in destroying the more aggressive and harmful bacteria, such as: Staphylococcus aureus (Staph) and Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

PRODUCT CHALLENGE: Google "Manuka Oil and MRSA". Then search the active ingredients in other products and MRSA. You'll discover why we are #1 in piercing and tattoo aftercare. No wonder p
iercing and tattoo professionals choose Mudscupper's for their clients... THEY CARE!
Mudscupper's products are PROUDLY made in America.

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