Mudscupper's family of all natural piercing & tattoo aftercare products.

Why Choose Mudscupper's Products?

Skin type and skin sensitivity varies from person to person, that's why Mudscupper's offers three all natural product lines to choose from. Now you can select an aftercare product that meets your individual needs. Mudscupper's only uses the highest quality 'Certified All Natural' ingredients from around the world to provide the absolute best benefits.

Mudscupper's piercing products actually provide the additional ingredients needed to reduce
/ eliminate: discoloration, swelling, irritation, hypertrophic scars and topical cyst (often referred to as piercing bumps and mistaken as Keloids).

Mudscupper's tattoo balms are all natural deep penetrating and long lasting moisturizers that provide the needed vitamins and nutrients to repair and restore damaged / traumatized tissue. Our tattoo balms also help tattoos heal faster, maintain rich and vibrant pigment colors and most importantly, help prevent infection!

TEA TREE Piercing & Tattoo - STRONG: Australian Tea Tree oil is known worldwide as the absolute best tea tree oil. Not only does it provide the most effective anti-bacterial properties, it covers a wider range of adverse issues. This amazing oil is used globally as a first aid for: piercings, tattoos, wounds, numerous skin conditions, faster healing and preventing infection.

Mudscupper's Brand Piercing & Tattoo - STRONGER: For individuals allergic to tea tree oil or need a stronger solution for adverse healing issues. East Cape Manuka oil is over 30x more potent / stronger than tea tree oil and gentler to the skin. It is proven effective against many types of infection, to include : Staphylococcus aureus (Staph) and Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

Body Mod Piercing - STRONGEST: For individuals that experience the most stubborn and worse piercing issues. East Cape Manuka and Australian Tea Tree oils combined, provide more than double the effectiveness against very difficult and hard to get rid healing problems.

Mudscupper's Challenge: Google 'Australian Tea Tree oil and wounds' and 'East Cape Manuka oil and Staph', then compare the results with other piercing and tattoo aftercare products. You'll discover why Mudscupper's is #1 in all natural piercing and tattoo aftercare!

Disclaimer: These products are not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent disease.