Mudscupper's elevates tattoo and piercing care to new level. Brings products that actually promote healing and infection prevention to the table.

Mudscupper's Inc.
Founders: Michael & JoLynn Gibbs
Privately Held Corporation
Edgewood, New Mexico

Michael started tattooing in 1970. Up until the early 2000's, he was dissatisfied with tattoo aftercare products because they were over priced and did little more than moisturize. Piercing aftercare wasn't much better. The few piercing aftercare manufactures made many claims, however their products were little more than over priced salt water solutions. These products relied on heavy concentrations of salt that usually dried out and burned the skin, doing more harm than good. There were 'NO" products that actually contained effective ingredients that actually healed tattoos / piercings heal faster and prevent serious infection. Because tattoo / piercing shops couldn't honestly recommend these products, they usually told customers to make their own sea salt solutions for piercings. For tattoos, customers were sent to the local store to purchase cheap ointments not designed for tattoos.

In 2004, Michael and his wife began working on formulating quality tattoo and piercing aftercare products. The products had to: be of the highest quality all natural ingredients from around the world, promote faster healing, relax traumatized skin and actually combat serious infection. The concept was simple, but the research and development turned into years and a lot of money. Finally in 2007 and after many failures, they came up with the first Mudscupper's All Natural Tattoo Balm and Natural Piercing Spray.

At first they gave these products to their customers. The feedback and reviews were phenomenal. Those familiar with tattoos raved about how it was the absolute best tattoo aftercare they had ever used. The tattoos healed fast, colors appeared brighter and people that were prone to infection and other skin conditions, said the they no longer experienced any issues. Customers with with existing eczema and psoriasis said the balm cleared up their skin. As if this wasn't enough, customers bragged how well the balm worked as a first aid product for severely dried and cracked skin, cuts, abrasions, burns, insect bites, etc. We could not have imagined how well this product took off.

The reviews and feedback for their
Natural Piercing Spray was the same. Customers were excited how much faster their piercings healed without the dried skin and burning issues they suffered with other products in the past. About 90% of customers also said they didn't experience piercing bumps and other topical skin issues usually associated with piercings.
The word got out and customers that received tattoos and piercings from other shops came to Michael and JoLynn for their aftercare products. Their success became so overwhelming, they knew this was their new calling in life. To keep up with the growing demand, they closed their tattoo & piercing shop and used their life savings to build a manufacturing facility. They now manufacture over a dozen SKU's and sell nationwide and throughout Canada, the United Kingdom and Europe.

Mudscupper's products are time tested and meticulously formulated to meet the highest of standards. We use FDA approved ingredients that are safe and effective. Although, a few of our products are not 100% all natural, Mudscupper's Inc. is committed to aggressively seek solutions towards 100% all natural products.
As a part of our goal of providing 100% all natural products, our packaging goals meet the highest levels of approved recyclable materials. We are committed to leaving the smallest consumer and industrial footprint through continued advancement in environmental technologies.