Piercing Aftercare Spray and Tattoo Balm Products
Not your ordinary Piercing Spray or Tattoo Balm, we offer Piercing & Tattoo Aftercare products with the additional protective ingredients others don't.

When you choose Mudscupper's, your choosing the absolute best protection in Piercing & Tattoo After Care
We offer three piercing and tattoo product lines, at three strength levels: STRONG, STRONGER , and STRONGEST. Now you can choose aftercare products that meet your indivdual needs.

Piercing Sprays: Only salts with the highest amounts of nutrients, minerals, essential elements, go into our piercing aftercare sprays. These salts (used by the worlds finest health spas) cleanse, detoxify, relax damaged / traumatized tissue, and stimulate cell circulation (faster healing). We then add Australian Tea Tree and East Cape Manuka oils for their amazing antibacterial properties. Our piercing after care sprays help: prevent discolor, swelling, tenderness, and piercing bumps (often referred as: topical cysts, hypertrophic scars, and Keloids).

Tattoo Balms: Cocoa Butter, Coconut oil, Palm oil, and Sweet Almond oil are four of the best known healing moisturizers for tattoos, and provide natural nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, and antibiotics that repair and restore damaged / traumatized tissue. And to give tattoos extra protection, we add the proven antibacterial properties of Australian Tea Tree and East Cape Manuka oils. Mudscupper's tattoo balm helps: keep tattoos moist, maintain vibrant colors, prevent tattoo bumps and ooozing,
and prevent infection!



TEA TREE: Made with Australian Tea Tree oil, ranked #1 worldwide as the best antibacterial tea tree oil. It is used extensively in the Health & Beauty industry for its amazing abilitiy to heal wounds, treat numerous skin conditions, and prevent infection.


Mudscupper's Brand: For individuals allergic to tea tree oil, or need a stronger remedy for more difficult healing problems. East Cape Manuka oil is over 30x stronger than tea tree oil, it is very effective at destroying gram positive bacteria: Staphylococcus aureus (Staph) and Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).


BODY MOD: For individuals that experience the most stubborn and worse piercing problems, we blend East Cape Manuka and Australian Tea Tree oils, to provid more than 2X the effectiveness against very difficult piercing problems and cover a wider range of the causes.

Google ingredients listed on our products and compare, you'll discover why, "Mudscupper's #1 All Natural Piercing & Tattoo Aftercare, for over 20 years, and counting...!"