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General Piercing Aftercare Instructions

  • Choose a piercing solution with a pH 4.7 - 5.75 (optimal to skin). Saltwater solutions are great natural cleansers.
  • Choose saltwater solutions with high amounts of minerals, essential elements, and nutrients. Studies have proven these salts help stimulate cell circulation (faster healing).
  • Choose a piercing spray with the antibacterial ingredients. Never settle for less!
  • Many piercing solutions rely on high amounts of salt, pH >8. Salt DOES NOT prevent serious infection, health care professionals only remmend salt for cleansing.
  • High pH levels may burn and will strip skin of natural oils, causing: dried cracked skin, redness, flaking, irritation, itchiness, swelling, etc. More importantly, these oils act as a natural barrier that protect us from infection.
Mudscupper's piercing aftercare sprays are pH balanced to your skin, and made with Dead Sea, Himalayan, and Mediterranean salts. These salts have the highest amounts of nutrients, minerals, and essential elements in the world. Studies have shown these salts relax, detoxify, and stimulate cell circulation (faster healing).

Mudscupper's only uses Australian Tea Tree and East Cape Manuka oils in our products. These oils are
proven antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial with microbe damage reversing benefits (faster healing). They are effective against: Streptococcus, Staphylococcus aureus (Staph), Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), and Pathogenic Fungi.

Tongue / Lip / Cheek
  • Mudscupper's Natural Oral Spray is the most comprehensive oral hygiene for piercing on the market.
    • After meals and snacks, brush teeth or thoroughly rinse mouth with water.
    • Shake bottle before use.
    • Spray 3 - 4 times above tongue and 3 - 4 times under the tongue. May use more if desired.
    • Swish solution around for 30 - 60 seconds.
    • Spit out.
    • Repeat.
  • Our oral spray neutralize pH in the mouth, this helps prevent growth of harmful bacteria that cause gingivitis and infection. Also helps maintain fresh breath.
BODY PIERCING - Cleaning Precautions
  • We do not recommend using regular soap or body wash to clean piercing.
    • Only use piercing aftercare spray to clean piercing.
    • Soaps / Body Washes may leave a wax / oily film that may shield piercing spray from proper penetration and cleansing.
  • Showers.
    • Before exiting shower, thoroughly move jewelry back and fourth under running water to rinse soap and shampoo residue.
    • Allow piercing to air dry 10 - 15 minutes before applying piercing solution.
Daily Cleaning

  • Thoroughly wash hands before and after touching your piercing.
    • Apply 1 spray directly onto piercing 4 - 6 times per day, or as needed.
    • Soak for 30 - 60 seconds. This helps loosen dry secretions.
    • Move jewelry back and forth several times to work solution into piercing.
    • Repeat to ensure a thourough cleansingand rinsing has been performed.
Sports - Activities
  • Cover your piercing during physical activities, where physical contact might cause injury and/or contaminate piercing.
  • Do not allow others to touch your piercing.
  • Do not go into unsafe bodies of water such as lakes, rivers, pools and jacuzzis's until piercing has completely healed.
  • Do not use regular iodized table salt, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide for cleaning.
  • Sexual Activities: Always cover piercing to avoid physical contact with others. Take extreme precaution to ensure there is no transfer of body fluids.
Piercing Bumps - (often referred as: Topical Cysts, Hypertrophic Scarring, and mistaken for Keloids)
  • Getting a small bump next to your piercing is fairly common. Here are some reasons piercing bumps appear:
    • Poor quaity jewelry. Use hypoallergenic jewelry for new piercings and quality metal jewelry after healed: Niobium, Platinum, Gold - solid 14kt or better.
    • Switch to a small diameter jewelry to relive pressure.
    • Small particle trapped inside of piercing.
    • Tugging / playing with jewelry.
    • Sleeping on piercing.
    • Not properly cleansing piercing.
    • Poor piercing aftercare products.
    • Your body simply does not like a paarticular piercing.
  • Our Piercing Serums used with our piercing sprays have proven very effective in shrinking / reducing / removing piercing bumps for most people.
  • If a piercing bump should appear, try the following:
    • Thouroughly rinse your piercing, making sure to remove any trapped particles inside.
    • Always change jewelry to make sure it isn;t the problem, plus, there is a lot of poor / bad jewelry being being sold as 'quality' jewelry.
  • If piercing bump does not shrink / disappear, use one of our serums: TEA TREE Serum, BUMP FREE, or BODY MOD Serum in addition to daily cleaning.
    • After applying piercing aftercare spray, wait until spray has completely dried, then apply a very small amount of serum directly onto bump.
    • Allow oil to soak into the skin.
    • Serum should be applied 2 - 3 times per day after cleansing piercing. Read instructions.
    • If an allergic reaction occurs, wash area and allow skin to relax. Reapply using less often, or dilute with olive oil.
    • Piercing bumps usually shrink / reduce in size within a few weeks, but may take several weeks, and up to 3 - 4 months to shrink.
    • Some folks, unfortunately, may notice shrinkage, but piercing bump does not go away completely, no matter what they do or try.
      • Their body simply does not like the piercing.
      • This is often the case for cartilage piercing.
Scarification, Branding, Implants and Suspensions
  • Mudscupper's Natural Piercing Spray are safe and effective for all body modifications.